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The head of the Honda F1 Yusuke Hasegawa believes that the quality of pay day loan mechanics is pay day loan key factor in the fight for victory and points in the race Grand Prix of Mexico.

Yusuke Hasegawa "the Track is located at an altitude of 2200 m, and this means that the oxygen in the air is already in a discharged state, so the turbocharger has to work very hard, forcing air into the combustion chamber.

So the quality and efficiency of the turbine are the key factors in the upcoming race. At the same time, this track has a very long straight, so we must consider other factors energy recovery, use it on the straights, aerodynamics and chassis tuning. We had a very difficult race here last year, but we would like to maintain the forward momentum in recent races. We hope to be able to achieve points.

Jenson button finished 14th, ahead of only a couple pilots Marussia. Champion of 1978, Mario Andretti believes that it is necessary to invite in Formula 1 American pilot, after the championship came the American team and the new leadership of the United States. Mario Andretti "Now the Formula-1 is decorated with the American team, but the picture is incomplete due to lack of a national pilot. I really hope that one day a contract with an American pilot to be signed.

This will lead to an increase in the number of fans from the USA. I'm sure there are already pilots worthy of this role, to take even Alexander Rossi. But, for unknown reasons, pushed into the background.

It's unfair to him and all of America". Last year Rossi held a few races in the composition of Marussia Manor.

This season, Alexander is listed as the backup pilot of the Manor and simultaneously acts in IndyCar, where the first attempt has won the Indy 500. In the framework of the United States Grand Prix reserve pilot Manor Jordan king will work Friday's practice. The Briton hopes that it will help him get a place in Formula 1 for the season 2017. Jordan king "this weekend will make everything I can.

As for 2017, the decision has been made. I'll try to get into the team of the Formula 1, payday loans no credit check but still a lot of time, and things can change several times. Of course, I can wait until 2018, but maybe something happens in the next".

King became the champion of the British Formula 3 in 2011. The last two years he performs in GP2, where he won two races. Last year Alexander Rossi spent a few races for Marussia now Manor. This season's American, not finding a place in Formula 1, speaking in his native IndyCar championship and has already managed to win the legendary race Indy-500. However, Rossi is considering a return to Formula 1.

Alexander Rossi "I Have options next year in Formula 1 and IndyCar. We communicated with the Manor and we were contacted by another team. In IndyCar there is a proposal from several teams, Andretti and offers me a multi-year contract. This is a very interesting championship with a high level of competition.

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